How to make baby food with masticating juicer


Children’s meals are foods that are specially made for children and are often preferred and at the same time nutritious, so children eat without exhausting the mothers, and also provide them with the energy and nutrients necessary for their growth. There are many types of children’s meals.


In order to make a home-made meal that is easy for your children, you can make it with ingredients such as minced meat, pasta with chicken and vegetable soup. You can also prepare fast pastries and pizza that are loved by children and can also be used as masticating juicer.


Most of the meals children preference is fast food, but because they are often harmful to health and to ensure the quality of ingredients, it is best to make them yourself at home in quick and easy steps, you can infringe:

  • The Nets
  • Fried chicken
  • Tasty-Burgers
  • Crispy- potatoes
  • The tempting fries
  • Sandwiches

Children like to eat sandwiches because they are easy to eat and do not just need to eat them without having to sit at the dining table, so you can prepare different types of sandwiches that are good for your children.


Children often refuse to eat nutritious meals and vegetables, so you have to use them as a hidden ingredient in other meals. You can cook them in burger, pizza and pastry, and you can add some salad or vegetables to sandwiches. They get a balanced meal without complaining or bothering you.

If you want to include a few things specific to the food that is provided to your children, you should also:

First: The validity of food
Its source is guaranteed since after the shops that are located in the street do not provide good quality food for you and your children, and this is the first thing that must be included is the validity of food.

Second: Side effects of food
Where there is a taste sold externally or fast food that contained Cholesterol leads to damaging your children health as it harms the body

Third: Nutrition
You must make sure that the food is fed to your children and contains important nutrients for your child’s health and for the proper growth of his body
But why worry about all this and you can make food to your child at home and ensure his quality of your baby’s health by masticating juicer

Machine Food Maker

It is the first and primary assistant in the kitchen, it performs many functions in a short time and thus saves a lot of time to complete the other tasks and the completion of quickly, and provide him with many different types and different types of these by functions.

From each device there are some devices do the normal functions and complex functions and there are other devices that have a specific number of certain functions simple, and the basic functions of the food record is to do the mixing process and this function exists in all types, and additional things and which vary from one to another kneading, chopping the loch , chopping vegetables, and also vary speeds, motor and material made of the device, but we are talking about a masticating juicer machine through which you can cook and give to your small child.

Making food for babies

When a child is eating at the beginning of the fourth or sixth month, his or her food must be in a table and bases that must be followed precisely because the nature of the foods provided to babies is quite different from those prepared for the rest of the family. Your child has a full meal, high nutritional value, and away from the ingredients that contain preservatives that harm the health of the child. Here we offer you a table of children’s food and how to prepare many meals for your baby, and what are the tools for this meal.

Tools for your child at the beginning

The mother must choose a dining chair that fits the size of the child, and be comfortable and do not mind the presence of some games that draw the child’s eyes, and to eat while eating the meal. Choose your baby’s bib, preferably from a plastic type, for easy cleaning. Choose the plastic spoons that fit the size of the hand and mouth of the child, with appropriate dishes of bright colors. Choose cups that have a lid and a hand and are drinking by sucking, to teach the child to rely on himself.

Foods you can prepare for your baby:

Ground rice
Ingredients: Half cup of ground rice.
Three tablespoons of powdered milk for infant feeding. Spoon sugar. Water Cup.
Preparation: Put a small amount of water in a cooking pot, add water, sugar and milk, and stir constantly to boil. Place the rice in the child’s dish, let it cool down a little, and then feed your baby the meal.

Carrots with mashed apples
Ingredients: medium size carrot. Medium sized apples. Teaspoon sugar. 2 ml milk for babies. Preparation: Crispy carrots, apples and cut into small pieces, then set them on fire with a little water to be well boiled. Place the apples and carrots in the juicer masticating, add the sugar, milk and boiling water, and mix the ingredients well until you have a liquid mixture. Bananas and Oranges Cook the banana with a fork and add a little orange juice, then mix the ingredients together until the mixture is homogeneous.easy-diets

By masticating juicer, you can prepare food for your, which contains all the beneficial nutrients for your child. Where most of the foods that you will prepare for your baby will be fruits and vegetables and grains, masticating juicer helps you in preparing the meals that mentioned earlier there are many different meals that you can make for your baby at home that according to the age of your baby. Do not worry about the quality of food provided to your child if you are the one who makes him food.

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