What is the best time to drink fresh juice?


We all know the proven benefits of drinking fresh juice, but still, why many of us don’t get the desired benefit? Actually, the body is a too complex machine and its processes run on its own rules. Avoid these rules, the mechanism gets disrupted.

Same happens when we start having things without knowing the right procedure. Amidst this what teeter is our trust over the healthy things. At morning, the metabolism is too fast, which is ignited by digestive fire. Having any healthy intake at morning helps you gain the required nutrients.

You may be an avid juicer but still deprived of the optimal benefits. I am a nutrition expert and often I see people asking a general question- when should I drink fresh juice?

  • Before the meal or with the meal?
  • Before exercise or after exercise?
  • Empty stomach?

fresh juice

Here, I will sum up the answer with few simple facts. Best time to drink juice is empty stomach in morning. It is widely known that digestive fire is at its highest point in the morning. When you take fresh juice in morning, the nutrients get easily absorbed whereas when one takes juice with the meal, most of the nutrients left completely unabsorbed. Therefore it is better to drink fresh juice or any nutrition juice in morning.

The first half of the day is the best: there is a simple concept, your body needs energy for the whole day’s activities and for this, it accumulates energy. Complex carbohydrates found in fresh juice fibers are the best source to keep you fulfill for long. Complex carbs slow down the conversion of glucose into energy, supplying you the consistent energy for the day.

Are you a coffee drinker? Here is a catch for you: avid coffee drinker often faces problems at the time of having juice. Taking juice just after or before coffee disrupts the whole idea of taking healthy juice. The tannin, acid of the coffee cancel out the alkalizing effect because coffee is metabolized by the liver through a process called oxidation. Ingesting coffee again in morning gives your digestion system an extra work to remove the toxins. Therefore it’s is better to replace coffee completely with healthy fresh juice.

Fresh Juice is the best combination of vegetable salad: if you need to drink juice with the meal, combine it with raw vegetable salad or green salad. This increases the alkalizing effect. The wrong combination of nutritional juice with heavy meal causes acidity and reflux. Therefore if you are having juice with a meal, try to make a combination of vegetable salad.


Juice is good post-workout and pre-workout. Having fresh before the workout provides you fuel to burn. It also provides you with the important nutrients needed to maintain the stamina. Whether you do cardio or lift weights, your body depletes your electrolytes and glycogen stores. Having fresh juice provides complex carbs, electrolytes and amino acids that replenish the loss after the workout.

Although the juice is always beneficial for your body, the best time for having juice is early morning if you want to reap out the maximum benefit.

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