Champion Juicer vs Omega Juicer – Review

Although factors such as growing conditions and ingredients are chosen can often impact the juice you end up with, there is always the aspect of what juicing machine you used. Landing a juicer in the current market should not be a daunting task as there are several brands and models. However, not every single choice is desirable. In fact, the kind of juicer you choose has a significant input on the juice consistency and quality you get.

When it comes to buying a juicing machine, two main brands; Champion and Omega are usually set apart as rivals. They are considered to be among the best juicers and come in various models. Here is a brief descriptive review that compares Champion’s masticating juicer and omega juicer side by side.

Champion Juicer


The champion masticating juicer is a popular choice among juice lovers thanks to its sturdy design that was built to last a lifetime. Unlike centrifugal juicers, this juicing machine uses two phases; an auger with teeth rows (for tearing) and a second phase that squeezes the juice from your fruit and/or vegetable.

Rotating at 1725 rpm, this juicer has an average speed that also reduces the amount of noise produced when juicing. It is relatively fast as your juice will be ready in 5 minutes including self-clean-up. The only drawback of this juicer is its inability to squeeze juice from harder fruits and vegetables like carrots. It requires keenness if you are to protect the pulp and avoid jamming.

Additionally, the juicer does not accommodate leafy green and wheat grass although champion offers greens attachment at an extra $74.95. This attachment will help you squeeze the juice from all your leafy greens and fruits. The juicer retails at around $200 which is about the market price for most offers, but you can still find discounts and lower prices depending on the store you shop from.

You can look up more reviews and cues from social sites or retail stores for insights on how to save extra on your purchase.


Omega Juicer

The Omega juicer is an ideal alternative when looking for versatile juicing machines that can be used in other kitchen applications. It will not only help you squeeze juice from your produce but can also be used to turn nuts into butter, grind coffee spices, extrude pasta, mince garlic and herbs or even make baby food.


Although it spins at a shockingly low speed of 80 rpm, this juicing machine is still as fast as you would like it to be especially since its pulp does not jam up like Champion designs. It uses a “bite” mechanism that cuts produce into A inch when fed into the pulp so you won’t need to cut your celery into halves.

However, Omega juicer has its limitations. You will still need to trim down your carrots and the model does not work well with soft juicy fruits alone. It is recommendable to mix your tomatoes and cucumbers with other hard produce to prevent the juice from moving backward in the juicer. The other items will simply push the juice outwards.

Due to its low speed, this juicer is silent and does not cause any oxidation such as that witnessed when using centrifugal juicers.
The juicer retails at around $170 and needs no attachment as is designed to juice any squeezable produce you have.


Side by side comparison

Both omega and champion juicers provide value for money and have unique benefits. They also come at around the same price although you will spend more on champion juicer for the extra attachment. When champion’s masticating juicer is ideal for soft produce, omega juicer is designed to blend in juice from both soft and firm produce at the same time.

Both juicers use an auger and squeeze mechanism which significantly reduces the noise produced. However, champion’s juicer has a louder sound profile caused by its higher rotation speed.

Omega juicer is considerably slow compared to Сhampion juicer and requires patience. Nonetheless, it offers no jamming challenges allowing you to continuously feed your products without having to remove the pulp.


Efficiency, versatility, ease of use and durability are some of the priority aspects to review when shopping for a juicer. The Champion vs. Omega juicing machine comparison is all about preferences. Each has its own pros and cons and some things can only be perfectly achieved using one of the two.

It is advisable to purchase from credible reputable retailers such as Amazon online store. This way, you will enjoy the features and pros mentioned herein. Make sure you pick the ideal juicer for your needs.